At a nearby town, Shu has an encounter with Rudolph in the form of a male fortune teller. When in another dimension, Rudolph unleashes winged creatures upon Shu causing him to unleash Blue Dragon. Rudolph also brings out his dragon in Shadow form. Upon managing to pull off an attack on Rudolph, Shu ends up outside of the town as Rudolph unleashes his winged creatures upon it. Shu and Blue Dragon end up fighting them as some of them reach the city. Bouquet and Hippopotamus merge with Saber Tiger to fight off the winged creatures. Noi arrives and merges with Blue Dragon who begins to destroy a lot of the winged creatures. When Rudolph has the winged creatures attacking Marumaro and the Bouquet/Saber Tiger fall back and attack Shu and the Noi/Blue Dragon, the winged creatures ended up destroyed by the Noi/Blue Dragon. Rudolph then leaves after that. 

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