In a stormy volcanic area, Noi runs into Legolas nearby Z'Mey's dragon sanctuary. Conrad also arrives with Griz and Daner. Meanwhile, Marumaro and Bouquet continue their search for Kluke. At a nearby town, Kluke is shown tending to the injured. Daner shows Noi an artifact that Conrad's group had found. Noi then leads Legolas, Conrad, Griz and Daner into Z'Mey and go through many obstacles to get to the main chamber. Meanwhile, Shu sees a nearby town which is annihilated when Rudolph arrives. Shu and Rudolph unleash their shadows and fight. Noi places the artifact in the area and it unveiling a shuttle called Mast Driver and its pyramid-like platform. The light it emits is noticed by Shu and Rudolph as Rudolph leaves. Meanwhile, Bouquet and Marumaro have met up with Kluke at the area where Primella's vision of her took place. 

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