Shu gains an unlikely audience with Dr. Tarkovsky who learns about Vermillion's demise. The White Brigade set up a trap which Fagino falls for, with the food bait containing electrical spikes that seals up Fagino's mouth. As the White Brigade are assaulting Fagino, Primella receives another vision and tells Dr. Tarkovsky that she already knows about her own demise, while comforting about the more cooperative path. Furioso does a fatal blow toward Fagino only to discover that it was a Dragon Scale clone. Fagino emerges and overpowers the spikes that were placed in his mouth. As Fagino tries to destroy Furioso and his army, Shu and Blue Dragon saves them while reconvening Furioso about overcoming fate. With Blue Dragon keeping Fagino busy, Furioso ends up slicing off his right arm causing Fagino to retreat. Furioso unconvinced orders his men to attack Shu, but Dr. Tarkovsky tells Furioso and his troops to stand down, and announces they will ally with Shu and Blue Dragon to save the world. 

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