After Shu's brief talk with Primella, Noi finds a path out of Nirvana while Shu options another route for their next destination. Shu and Co. make their way through the city while evading the White Brigade's patrolling shifts commandeered by Furioso's intelligent tactics. During this part, Bouquet's hair touching Marumaro's nose causes him to sneeze giving them away to one of the security shifts. Shu and Marumaro manage to take them down as the next shift appears. Lucky for them before the soldiers ca signal, Jiro arrived and took them down. Jiro manages to create a diversion as Shu and the others make their escape, but Furioso easily recognises the ruse. When Furioso gets ready to intercept and fire where Shu and Co. are, Dr. Tarkovsky intervenes and tells him and the soldiers in the area to fall back, courtesy of Primella's plea. 

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