As the White Brigade prepares to attack Shu and the others, Shu fends off the White Guardians while Noi evacuates Bouquet and Marumaro away from the area. The White Guardians also retreats as Lotarus watches from afar. Mikhail is shown near a river badly wounded. Shu and Noi have a conversation regarding the events that occurred two years ago as the White Guardians continues their advancement. Later that evening, the village that Shu and Co. are resting turns out to be near the White Guardians' headquarters in the city of Nirvana. Bouquet uses her invisibility to listen out what the White Guardians is up to. Bouquet then unleashes Hippopotamus and takes the form of a White Guardian to throw them off track. Shu and Co. are spotted by some White Guardians, but are knocked out by Saber Tiger. Making their leave from the city, Shu finally encounters Primella in person. 

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