Dr. Tarkovsky is given the status of the Mass Driver. Fagino's shadow does an attack on the Noi/Blue Dragon which causes Noi to separate. Marumaro and the Bouquet/Saber Tiger managed to destroy Blizzard Dragon. Conrad sacrifices his life to protect Shu from Fagino's attack. While Marumaro and Andropov keep Moody Dragon busy, Kluke has some words with Furioso. When Amethyst Dragon starts to attack them, it is destroyed by Rosekstan's Sleipnir airship as Jiro arrives. Hildegard has her shadow constrict Blue Dragon as Fagino moves in to eliminate Noi only to be intercepted by General Logi. Blue Dragon is freed by the armored warriors as General Logi sends Shu and Noi to the Mass Driver. Jiro unleashes Minotaur to fight Phantom Dragon allowing Bouquet and Marumaro to get to the Mass Driver. Furioso manages to blind Moody Dragon before destroying it. Phantom Dragon is destroyed by a combined attack from Jiro's Minotaur and Andropov's Alubujem. Blue Dragon manages to throw Shu and Noi onto the Mass Driver. Hildegard and Fagino arrive to destroy the shuttle with a combined attack. Furioso sacrifices his life to protect the Mast Driver from their attack as it takes off. 

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