Returning from a recon, Jiro and Xie inform Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi about the White Guardians advancement and where they have set up camp. With some persuasion from Shu and the others, Bouquet and Hippopotamus shapeshift their way onto the airship that Primella is on. When she does get to Primella, Bouquet tries to get her to help them in any way. Later that night, Shu and Jiro lead a raid upon the White Guardians camp. One of Dr. Tarkovsky's henchmen leads the ground attack with their new hand cannon weapons as the airship takes off. While the others handle the White Guardians, Shu and Blue Dragon go after the airship only to be held back by the hand cannon weapons. Shu makes onto the ship where Primella was waiting, but Vermillion knocks him off where Shu falls into the forest below. 

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