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Valkyrie was General Logi's artificial shadow and severed as her master's sword and shield. She is fanatically loyal to him. Unlike most Gran Kingdom shadows she could speak and had h
er own will. She was also shown to be very powerful as she defeated Killer Bat, Minotaur, and Saber Tiger signel-handaed, and has been a powerful opponent against Blue Dragon countless times. Following Valkyrie's defeat at the hands of Blue Dragon Logi sacrficed her (at her own will) to summon an Egyptian-themed shadow called Odin, who is revealed to be his real shadow.


  • Chromes 'n May: She fires many fast slashes that destroy her enemy.
  • Swirling Bloom: A powerful blast of wind is fired from her sword.
  • Rising Nova: She creates a powerful white beam of energy and fires it from the tip of her sword.

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